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Ikea Loft Bed Hack

Ikea loft bed hack If you’re short on space, lofting your bed is one of the best ways to magically gain square footage. Read on to see a roundup of our favorites.

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Ikea loft bed hack. This might be more suitable for older children or even teenagers that want to make good use of their living space. See more at The Divine Living Space » Courtesy of Oh Yes They may be little, but they've got plenty of needs.

IKEA Loft Bed with a Climbing Wall. I was hoping there was a way that the lovely STORÅ frame could be hacked. A simple, wooden house frame, connected to each of the existing beds, supports the individual panels that make up the walls and roof of the structure.

The built-in cubby smartly stores extra pillows and blankets—and books, if you’re me. However, the biggest IKEA loft bed is only a double bed size, and a king size loft bed frame is very hard to find. However, sleeping in the sky is not without its challenges—I’m looking at you, late-night ladder navigation.

Here are 14 ways to make your loft bed dreamy. IKEA VITVAL Loft Bed Frame with Desk Top, $229 It starts off with a basic loft bed, but there is a piece of wood attached that your kid can climb up as if it’s a climbing wall.

This imaginative playhouse is every kid's dream. It offers a neat space beneath the bed for play, with the ladder converted for additional storage she. If the gray fabric sides don’t speak to you, swap them for a fun pattern and install coordinating curtains or hang a soft tapestry wall.

The parents behind this amazing design hack used a pair of KURA bed frames to create a single corner unit. If you have a particularly active child, this IKEA kids bed hack is ideal for them. The space underneath the bed is often empty and can be used for anything you see fit, for instance a sofa, an armchair or a desk.

Loft beds for kids are super smart multi-taskers, freeing up floor space for a desk, sofa, wardrobe, or pillow fort. All the ones that I have found are very expensive! All this blogger did was hang a colorful curtain on the bottom of a loft bed to turn IKEA's basic KURA design into the ultimate play place.

A loft bed is elevated to a higher height. Basically, it's the coolest place in the home. This is a hack of the IKEA KURA into a playhouse bunk bed.

Like a quiet spot to relax or a place to get their homework done. You can add storage underneath to create a bit of a play area under the loft bed. Here we collected some awesome, creative and dream-worthy IKEA hacks for your kid’s bed.

This slideshow of IKEA bunk bed hacks has only made me realize how many cool, creative, crafty options there are to make bunk beds a dream (get it? The addition of a bedside outlet is so. Complete the study or work haven by tucking a bookshelf underneath the bed.

These talented parents use classic IKEA bed hack to convert a reversible and versatile IKEA bed to a kid’s dreaming playhouse, treehouse or something you won’t believe.

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