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Frank Lloyd Wright Sprite

Frank lloyd wright sprite Beautifully cast in stone, this striking Frank Lloyd Wright Sprite sculpture will last for years in any climate. Created to fit the Frank Lloyd Wright 31" Midway Gardens Sprite Statues.

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Frank lloyd wright sprite. Originally designed for Midway Gardens in Chicago, Il (1913-1914). These Frank Lloyd Wright Collection® products are authorized by the Frank Lloyd Wright Foundation, Taliesin West, Scottsdale, Arizona. SCULPTURE DETAILS – Pedestal ONLY.

Frank Lloyd Wright’s® (American, 1867-1959) signature sensitivity to detail is on display with this piece, modeled after the famous sprite garden sculptures at Midway Gardens House in Chicago c. Garden Sprite Estate Size Statue by Frank Lloyd Wright The Maid In The Mud GARDEN SPRITE is a life-size sandstone replica of one of the many such sculptures designed by Wright, and sculptured by Alfonzo Ianelli, that adorned the walls of Midway Gardens, Chicago, Illinois, (1913)This magnificent statue will be the talking point of any project. Frank Lloyd Wright sought the help of sculptor Iannelli in incorporating sculpture and art “back again to their original places and to their original offices in architecture, where they belonged,” for Midway Gardens.

"Sprite" was originally part of a large sculpture program for Wright’s Midway Gardens in Chicago. Individually hand-sculpted, cast and hand-painted. Made of cast stone for durability for your Frank Lloyd Wright Garden Sprite to stand tall in your garden or outdoor area.

Designed to be a European–style. Midway Gardens (opened in 1914, demolished in 1929) was a 360,000 square feet indoor/outdoor entertainment facility in the Hyde Park neighborhood on the South Side of Chicago.It was designed by architect Frank Lloyd Wright, who also collaborated with sculptors Richard Bock and Alfonso Iannelli on the famous "sprite" sculptures decorating the facility. The Garden Fountain Store Show Room is located on Piety Street in New Orleans.

This Frank Lloyd Wright table top Sprite is for indoor or protected outdoor use. He designed architecture for over seventy years and is known for ‘Prairie Style’ architecture with […] As Taliesin West extends the legacy of innovation by showcasing unique design, sustainable practices, and education.

Frank Lloyd Wright (official) Midway Gardens Sprite 31". Designed for outdoor use and can handle any kind of weather. SCULPTURE DETAILS – This Frank Lloyd Wright Sprite garden sculpture is an authorized reproduction of the full-sized sculpture that was created for the Midway Gardens in Chicago in 1913.

Each of these pieces is hand cast from materials Frank Lloyd Wright loved to design with, concrete and cast stone. Built for Edward C. A Frank Lloyd Wright Sprite stands near the entrance way of the Piety Street Park.

The most popular and familiar statuary item is the Midway Gardens Sprite. Stoneworks was granted a license by The Frank Lloyd Wright Foundation to produce stone garden vases and.

Frank Lloyd Wright- Our Gallery of Frank Lloyd Wright architectural ornament, sculptures, statues, sculptural design, urns , vases and stained glass and consider gracing your home, office or garden with art-work of such historical relevance. Support the Frank Lloyd Wright Foundation. Full Size replicas of the originals are available in two styles, Sprite and Sprite with Baton, and these replicas are cast in sandstone.

8.5 x 11.5 x 11.25. This beautiful, geometric architectural statue was conceived in 1914 for the specific purpose of adorning and watching over Midway Gardens, once a center for premier entertainment. This beautiful, geometric architectural statue was conceived in 1914 for the specific purpose of adorning and watching over Midway Gardens, once a center for premier entertainment, fine.

The Frank Lloyd Wright Foundation has taken a values-based approach to preservation efforts to ensure Wright’s home in the desert is accurately preserved and tells the story of his work and the life of the Taliesin Fellowship. Frank Lloyd Wright’s long life began June 8, 1867 shortly after the end of the American Civil War, and ended 90+ years later on April 9, 1959, during the construction of his Solomon R. These lovely Frank Lloyd Wright Sculptures were conceived by Alphonzo Ianelli with whom Wright collaborated on a number of projects.

13 ¾ x 2 ½ x 2 ¾ in. Guggenheim Museum in New York City. While we have included other Frank Lloyd Wright gifts, our life size Midway Sprite Sculpture is a full-scale reproduction of one of the originals that sat atop the exterior walls of the Midway Gardens™.

The Garden Fountain Store Show Room is located on Piety Street in New Orleans. These sprites were among many sculptural objects, designed by architect Frank Lloyd Wright and executed by sculptor Alphonso Ianelli, that sat atop the exterior walls. Frank Lloyd Wright Collection®.

A Frank Lloyd Wright Sprite stands near the entrance way of the Piety Street Park. The sculptures, known as Sprites, were placed throughout the site.

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