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Decorating A Fireplace Mantle

Decorating a fireplace mantle Fireplace mantels offer ready-made spots for you to add beautiful, seasonal decor without breaking the budget. The perfect perch for displaying everything from art to flowers to a personal collection of objects, the mantel can say a lot about a room's intended style — minimalist or maximalist, contemporary or classic — in addition to highlighting the interests and.

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Decorating a fireplace mantle. You should take it into consideration and add such touches to the mantel decor and style it on the whole. READ LESS – When decorating a fireplace mantel, a rule of thumb is to create a focal point. She chose scaled-down topiaries and candlesticks to go along with an oil portrait.

With plants, tabletop summer decor, creatively displayed candles and framed memories of past summers, you can begin decorating your fireplace mantel for the summer and make it a place for expression. Creative Ideas for Your Mantel. A Bit of Blue Onion.

The large farmhouse window pane with wreath anchors the space well by accentuating the height of the room. For a laid-back look, rest a sturdy mirror against the wall — no hammer required. With our tips, you can give your mantel a makeover on a budget.

Don’t just line up the objects on. (The blue brick is also eye-catching.) Then, fill the mantel shelf with clusters of the same type of decor.

See more ideas about Fireplace mantle, Home decor and Fireplace mantels. There is an opportunity to make this the focal point of a space and really draw the eye to the architecture of the fireplace and corresponding mantel. The clustered look is a fun style for holiday decorating—mini pumpkins for fall, bottle brush trees for Christmas, or bud vases or potted succulents in the spring.

A simple lantern, vase or greenery will work just fine! While a fireplace typically makes a statement on its own, I like to consider the mantel as a blank canvas where you can highlight your personality and design style. Check out these inspiring ideas for mantel design to get your home ready for winter, summer, spring or fall.

Jennifer Miller didn't let her 28-inch-wide hearth dissuade her from decorating. #11) Mantel Decorating Idea For Tall Ceiling. Spring decor for fireplace mantels is all about the style of your home:

Blogger Kerri-Lynn Roche uses vintage bunny figurines, a boxwood wreath, painted eggs and potted grass to create a soft and subtle Easter look on her mantel. If you’re looking to switch things up a bit, especially now that you’re spending more time at home, you’ll want to start. The taller side decor can be symmetrical or asymmetrical, but it doesn’t need to be overdone.

Jan 2, 2017 – Explore daramiller64's board "Fireplace Mantel Decorations", followed by 165 people on Pinterest. PHOTO 20 of 20. This mantel updates the farmhouse look with a salvaged wood and wire gate.

A solid-wood mantel and a gilded fireplace screen contrast perfectly with modern white-painted wood and brick. I love the idea of adding sconces to the side of the TV. Pull out your writing utensils and start taking notes from this texture-rich stone fireplace.

A fireplace brings charm and character to any space. Even if you don’t have a fireplace, a mantel on its own is an opportunity to showcase pieces that reflect who you are and what you love. Fireplace mantel decorating ideas that eschew minimalism and pull out all the stops are fun but require a bit of strategy and know-how.

So one measly candlestick or a few very short items isn’t going to cover it. "If your anchor piece seems to be dominating the mantel, layer other visually interesting details in front of it, such as family photos, artwork, or more personal items, like framed handwritten letters, kids' drawings, or a favorite quote," shares Gaines. Start with a large, interesting focal piece.

Decorating a fireplace mantel can be challenging, but if executed properly, can make for a beautiful focal point in a room. Lean into a refined, rustic aesthetic by adding a floating. Build a DIY fireplace mantel for an inexpensive way to upgrade your living room.

Here, a large piece of art dramatically emphasizes the height of the room, while two medium artworks properly fill out the arrangement. You can really make a mantel look great by adding low decor under the TV and anchoring the sides with larger, taller decor. On the mantel, a large lantern holds a topiary and beach themed decorations like a starfish.

There are so many seasonal and festive fireplace mantel ideas that you can try out too. See more ideas about Fireplace mantels, Decor and Fireplace mantle. Worthing Court Blog showcases this popular mantel decorating idea.

If you have a modern living room, o for some potted greenery in modern planters and branches in clear vases. Think of your favorite colors and designs of summer, and look for ways to add style to your fireplace mantel during the warmer months of the year. This design idea works great if you have a tall ceiling or blank wall space above your fireplace mantel.

Price and stock could change after publish date, and we may make money from these links. The fireplace mantel offers us the perfect opportunity to personalize our decors. Create a wow-worthy focal point with these fireplace mantel decorating ideas.

A tall urn and a metal openwork ball take up the other side, along with a large initial letter. Nov 21, 2019 – Explore dcampisi's board "Fireplace Mantels", followed by 411 people on Pinterest. Whether modern or boho, country or flea market, you’ll.

Create Clusters, Not Lines. Another fireplace mantel decorating tip is to hang numerous sizes and shapes of mirrors instead of just one. A good way to keep yourself from going into design despair is to collect several pieces to use together for a fresh look.

While mantel decorating creates an important focal point in a living room, it’s also one of the easiest things to change out — whether seasonally or with the trends. Creative Ideas for Your Mantel. Get traditional, modern and country decorating tips for filling your fireplace mantel.

Get nine inspiring mantel decorating ideas from spring to winter. We have mantel decorating ideas for Christmas while many of our fall decorating ideas also involve the mantel. If your wedding venue has one, you might be wondering how to decorate it to match your style or theme, and luckily, you have a lot of options.

Alison and Jim Luckman use their mantel to display their beautiful porcelain dishes. In contrast to over decorating, some people under decorate and barely put anything on their fireplace mantels. These nine inspiring decorating ideas will make your mantel a beautiful focal point all year long.

Gaines calls it "layering," we call it bringing the heart into the home. The gate is whitewashed and hung on the wall with a pretty green wreath. Scale is key—pick items that fill the space and are relative to one another.

Mirror, Mirror, on the Mantel. Which is the case with this retro set-up that starts with that vintage sunburst mirror. Because the fireplace always loves to be the center of attention, the way its mantel is decorated can have a dramatic impact on a room.

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